High End Photo Retouching & Montage

Daisy eyes retouched by Lukas Burkon

Beauty / Hair Retouching

Comprehensive high end beauty retouching typically consists of skin retouching and color unification, face retouching, hair retouching, local & global contrast adjustments, and final color grading.

High end beauty retouching on top of high resolution photograph often takes at least one manday to finish. Depending on the resolution and requirements it could take up even more.

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Fallen Angel by Lukas Burkon

Portrait / Fashion Retouching

Basics are similar to high end beauty retouching but the level of detail is typically lower that positively affects time spent.

On top of beauty retouching tasks, there are also typically environment retouching to simplify the whole scene, and adding of atmospheric and particle effects such as lens flare, mist, bokeh, etc. to deliver neat analog look.

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Bitter Taste Wave by Lukas Burkon

Montage / Manipulation

The most complex and advanced discipline mashing up dozens or even up to hundreds of photographs or CGI renders into the final digital artwork.

Starting with just simple sketch or more elaborate storyboard the initial concept is materialized. Pictures are then properly selected and mashed together. Each picture’s luminosity and color is carefully adjusted.

Slight or even more elaborate effects are added such as light, fire, snow, water splashes, etc. At the end, contrast adjustments, color grading, and final mastering are applied.

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