About Me

Surreal feeling of untold, almost irrational mystery visualized through dark mood imagination is something I very relate to.

I find inspiration for my work all over the place ranging from adventure landscape and wildlife photographers, surreal portrait story tellers, through great painters of the past, up to movies of different kinds. But one name is no-brainer ― David Lynch!

Originally, I found myself in landscape photography, but later on the feeling of simply missing something in my pictures started to strengthen … it was a story. With this crucial finding on my mind, I’m setting off towards the visual telling of great stories of the past spiced up with a certain amount of almost supernatural mystery.

Until I get there I love to keep on photoshooting and retouching dark mood landscape pictures, portraits of surreal nature, so as composing completely new scenes out of even hundreds of pictures.

Professionaly, I’ve spent 15 years in IT either as a freelancer, contractor, or entrepreneur covering positions like a programmer, dev manager, UX designer, product manager, up to digital marketing specialist. And then after several years of photoshooting and retouching on my own, I decided I’d like to devote my professional life to my beloved photography that inspires me the most.

I can offer you my high end photo retouching and montage services. I specialize mostly on beauty and portrait retouching, but I’m capable of handling elaborate montages as well.

I also turned my love towards landscape photography into the professional reality and with great folks Martin Rak and Vojta Herout we found out photography tours agency Bohemian Journeys. We organize beyond-the-ordinary photo trips visiting epic vast spaces and infinite wilderness of the Canadian Rockies, stunning alpine lakes with emerald-green waters of Dolomites, rolling hills, jagged rock formations and omnipresent history in this land of kings of our native Czechia, and much more …