Photo Story: Bitter Taste Wave

I came up with the idea of beer mug being part of the ocean splash and despite its difficultness I’ve decided to turn it into the reality for Pilsner Urquell Czech beer brand. I’ll show you the montage workflow step by step.

1/ Mug

It’s always a bit of pain with high resolution montages to find great image sources in sufficient resolution. I’ve been lucky enough to find this sexy beer mug as a basis of the whole scene 🙂

Bitter Taste Wave - Mug

2/ Wave

Then I was lucky to find a good looking wave to visualize the basic leitmotif.

Bitter Taste Wave - Wave

3/ Splashes

I’ve added some additional splashes and bubbles to make wave look more realistic.

4/ Label

I also wanted Pilsner Urquell label to be visible through the wave to better emphasize the brand.

Bitter Taste Wave - Label

5/ Ingredients

In order to communicate the taste of the beer, I’ve added basic beer ingredients such as malt, hops, and barley to better materialize the beer taste.

Bitter Taste Wave - Ingredients

6/ Background

To put things into context, I’ve added background symbolizing beer itself with primary focus point on the beer mug influencing where the person will look at first.

Bitter Taste Wave - Background

7/ Unify Brightness

As all source images typically differ in brightness, mashing them all together required to unify their brightness to the same level to deliver the feeling of consistency.

Bitter Taste Wave - Unify Brightness

8/ Unify Color

The same as with brightness works for colors too. All images have to make one visually consistent whole.

Bitter Taste Wave - Unify Color

9/ Bubbles

To deliver the ultimate feeling that we’re looking through the beer glass, I had to add realistic beer bubbles covering the whole beer part.

Bitter Taste Wave - Bubbles

10/ Mastering

In the final step, I wrapped up everything together. So I did overall contrast and color adjustments, added slight vignette to even more focus attention on the beer mug and added basic brand labels and claim. Voilà!

Bitter Taste Wave by Lukas Burkon